Should You Get an Inspection Before You Renovate?

You may not know it but a home inspection should be an important step of the renovation process. Having your home inspected enables you to identify deficiencies or problems that should be fixed during a renovation. Here are some of the reasons to get an inspection before you renovate your home.


You enjoy the open, big spaces of your home. They enable your family to gather and have more enjoyable entertainment moments. But, your home may not be designed to feature open spaces. Therefore, you might think that you can make your home more inviting and modern by knocking down some walls. A contractor or handyman might not understand the effects of such a move. If some walls are knocked down without proper planning, the structural integrity of your entire house could be affected. A professional home inspection will determine the walls that can be knocked down without affecting the structural integrity of your house.


Perhaps, you saw a beautiful vanity at a local shop and decided to purchase it for your home. The salesperson at the store might have made the installation of the vanity look easier. You may even decide to install it yourself. And, after a few hours, the vanity is up and running without leaks. This makes you think that you did an excellent job. But, it could be draining slowly or plug up more often. In some cases, homeowners cause serious damage to their plumbing systems when they do home renovations without professional assistance. When you have your home inspected before you renovate, you know the location of hidden pipes. You also know the fixtures that can be installed without interfering with the proper functioning of the plumbing system. Therefore, have your home inspected before you renovate to avoid interfering with the plumbing system.


Relaxing on a beautiful deck or patio as the sun shines is one of the most enjoyable experiences for most people. This is also the best place to entertain guests or enjoy cold beverages. You may have watched a home remodeling program that made building a deck seems easy. This may have tempted you to build a deck without professional assistance. Unfortunately, this can mean that you will end up with a structurally unsound deck. If your home renovation project involves the construction of a new deck, get an inspection before you start it. This will enable you to end up with a structurally sound deck that can withstand the weight of many people.

Basement Drainage

Perhaps, you want to renovate your basement to make it a guest room or a family fun area. But, if you’re not careful, the beautiful tiles or wood flooring that you install in the basement will be damaged by water damage. A basement should handle water infiltration in small amounts. That’s because this is an underground space of a home. Thus, leaks should be expected occasionally. Getting an inspection before you renovate your home enables you to locate leaks and fix them. This ensures that your newly finished or renovated basement won’t be damaged by excess water leaks.

Electrical System

You need an adequate power supply for electrical devices and appliances in your basement, kitchen, and even decks. To ensure proper installation of power lines and sockets in such places, your home should be inspected properly. The inspector may recommend that you upgrade your electrical panel to handle more circuits. If you don’t get an inspection, you may end up dealing with the consequences of code violations. Therefore, get an inspection to ensure proper installation or upgrading of your electrical system during your renovation project.

Getting an inspection before you renovate will enable you to determine what should be done and how it should be done during the renovation project. This will help you avoid unnecessary troubles or costs down the road.

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